Watched words

[] Collect customer company details by communicating with the customer.

Company Details Form

* Name: (mandatory)
* ID Number:
* VAT Number:
* Website:
* Phone:

Billing Address (mandatory)

* Street:
* Apt/Suite:
* City:
* State/Province:
* Postal Code:
* Country:


* First Name: (mandatory)
* Last Name: (mandatory)
* Email: (mandatory)
* Phone:

Create New Customer

In Intacct, at top level, go to Contracts > Customer and click the Add button.

We require all of the following fields to be entered:

[] Customer tab

  • Name
  • Status: Active
  • Primary Contact: email, print as, full mailing address including country

Additional Information tab

  • [] Term: enter the payment terms here. Default to NET 30 if not specified on signed contract.
  • [] Printed document template > Invoice: Select “Discourse Contract Invoice”, or a different Discourse one as needed.
  • [] Email template: Select “Discourse Email Invoice to Customer”, or a different one as needed.


[] Contact List

  • Use same as customer, or…
  • If using a separate Bill-To contact, then it needs to be created with full details: name, mailing address, email address, Print As.


Create a new Contract

[] Confirm detailed pricing of each item being sold.[1]


  • [] Create a new contract at Entity Level
    • [] start date is contract sign date
    • [] contract length is 1 year, renewing for 1 year automatically
    • [] terms match signed contract, or Net 30
    • [] billing frequency matches signed contract
    • [] all lines for hosting items (SUB-) and add-on items (ADD-) are “New MRR”
  • [] Verify contract billing schedule and revenue schedule are correct.
  • [] Generate first invoice.
  • [] Email/submit the first invoice to the customer.


  • [] Add Sage contract ID (e.g. CON1234) to the account for the contract’s site(s). If site hasn’t been provisioned yet, create a new account.
  • [] Confirm that the mothership account includes all the Discourse sites covered by the contract. (This step can only be completed once the sites are provisioned and manually added to the account.)

Once every task is checked, the automated billing is setup!

  1. e.g., Someone tells you, “$1700/mo (Enterprise + a custom plugin)” How much for enterprise? How much for “custom plugin”? We need to code the products correctly in Sage. ↩︎